Our mission is to maximise green solutions on people’s plates, with salads and other smart green alternatives that make it simpler than ever to eat and enjoy more plant-based foods. We never compromise on quality, and we never tire of seeking new ways to transform green plants into great tasting meals. That may mean a new type of lettuce that no one has yet heard of, or a mix that can quickly be turned into a healthy green meal. We are constantly developing our range and always challenging ourselves to be bold enough to try something different.

Dark, fair. Sweet, bitter.Local, foreign. Aren’t we all like the leaves in a bag of salad!

Quality with full traceability

To guarantee our high quality we work exclusively with carefully selected contracted growers and carry out frequent quality controls throughout the entire chain from field to production facility. Every single lettuce leaf can be traced back to its origin. We harvest our raw ingredients where the quality is best, but we always try to locate a site as near as possible to one of our production facilities.

Green – at every step of the way

Our production facilities in Helsingborg, Sweden, and Vantaa, Finland, develop products that not only taste good, but perhaps also play a small part in making the world a better place. We do all we can to minimise food waste, safeguard ethical production processes, make our packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible, and use renewable resources.

Greenest is part of the BAMA Group, Scandinavia’s leading name in fruit and vegetables.

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